8 Trends in Outdoor Living Spaces

Given California’s fabulous climate, the outdoors can be enjoyed year-round, especially at home. An outdoor living space is a lot more than just a couple of lawn chairs and a table. These days, savvy homeowners are making the most of their outdoor spaces by incorporating a number of convenient and ingenious ideas.

The following are some of the hottest trends in outdoor living that are big in 2018 and will likely maintain steam going forward.

1. Vertical Gardens

Fruit, vegetable, and herb gardens are a common staple in outdoor spaces. But in addition to planting all of your greens on the ground, you can use any vertical space you may have as well. This is especially helpful if you lack a lot of square footage outside, in which case growing your gardens vertically can save a lot of space.

Those who live in condo units or townhomes would particularly benefit from vertical gardens. You can hang your plants on walls or install pergolas or arches to provide added vertical surfaces for this purpose. Not only do vertical gardens make good use of a small space, they also add an element of depth to the area.

2. Fire Tables

Having a fire pit in the backyard is the great way to add some ambiance as the sun starts to set and provide a little bit of warmth on particularly cool nights. But in addition to a traditional fire pit, today’s outdoor spaces are increasingly being outfitted with fire tables.

As the name suggests, these pieces combine the functionality of a table with the convenience of a fire in the center. The great thing about fire tables is that they blend in seamlessly with all other patio furniture while simultaneously offering a heat source and a cozy atmosphere.

3. Deep, Bold Blues

As far as colors are concerned, blue seems to be taking the top spot for outdoor decor. While bright reds and natural greens are still hot, deep blues are becoming the color of choice among homeowners as of late This vibrant hue can be incorporated in seat cushions, umbrellas, and area rugs. When coupled with neutrals that are traditionally found in outdoor furniture such as black, grey, and natural wood, bold blues can make a backyard really stand out.

4. Porcelain Floors

Concrete, wood planks, and interlocking stone have long been used for flooring outdoors, but other non-traditional types of materials are making their appearance outdoors, including porcelain pavers.

A highly durable and strong material, porcelain makes a great alternative for patio and deck flooring. It’s also aesthetically appealing and can easily add a decorative element to any outdoor space. Porcelain pavers can also make the transition from the indoors to the outdoors as seamless as possible.

5. Folding Glass Doors

As an alternative to sliders or swinging doors, folding glass doors fold neatly out of the way without the need to have a double-door entry. Folding glass doors basically stack as they slide along a track system. Unconventional elements like these can also help create a seamless transition from the inside out.

6. Motorized Retractable Screens

Similar to folding glass doors, retractable screens roll out of sight. While there are manual options available, motorized retractable screens quickly roll up and are housed in the door frame at the touch of a button when you don’t need them. When it’s time to close the retractable screen, simply push the button again to have it roll back into place to provide fresh air indoors without letting any pests in.

7. Outdoor Televisions

You can catch the big game right from the comfort of your own backyard with the installation of a big screen TV. Outdoor televisions are specifically made to withstand the elements and are properly sealed so that no precipitation will be able to destroy the unit. In addition, sealing will also help reduce the glare from the sun so that you can enjoy what you’re watching.

8. Patio Bars

Joining the increasingly popular outdoor kitchens are patio bars, which are perfect for entertaining outdoors. In fact, patio bars are easily one of the hottest trends in outdoor space design these days. And with a myriad of finishes and materials to choose from, you can easily create the most unique patio bar to suit your style and your home.

The Bottom Line

If you’re creating a new outdoor living space or are looking to update or add to your existing space, any one of these trends can help you give your backyard a major boost. So far, 2018 home design is all about making outdoor living spaces function like indoor spaces as far as entertainment, relaxation, and convenience is concerned. Consider implementing any one of these ideas into your outdoor space to create a backyard oasis you’ll never want to leave.